About Journal


1. Overview

Guihaia was founded in 1975, during the period of great development of botany in China. It was formerly known as Plant Research Newsletter, and was officially renamed Guihaia in January 1981, with ISSN 1000-3142, CN 45-1134/Q. It is currently a monthly publication. Since the journal' s inception, it has become a leading academic publication in the field of plant science in China due to its frontier original research articles and focus on readers' experience.

Guihaia has been selected as Chinese Core Journal, Key Magazine of China Technology, Source Journal of Chinese Science Citation Database, and Source Journal of Science Citation Database, etc.


2. Aims & Scope

The journal mainly publishes new technologies, methods and discoveries in botanical research, and original research results with innovation and high academic level that focus on the basic and applied research in the field of botany. The journal also publishes review articles that combine the authors' own research results and provide unique insights and theoretical contributions to the major frontier issues in botany. However, the journal does not accept general review articles.


3. Readership

Targeted readers of the journal include researchers, faculty and students of universities and colleges engaged in botany and its sub-disciplines, as well as scientific and technical professionals engaged in related fields, such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, medicine, light industry, aquaculture, environmental protection, etc.


4. Featured Columns

 Research on plant diversity along the “Belt and Road” and ASEAN

 Research on karst plant and vegetation

 Medical ethnobotany and comprehensive health

 Environmental botany - phytoremediation of polluted or damaged environment

 Interaction between plant and microorganism (endophytic bacteria), plant and animal

 Important and characteristic plant genetic resources and their germplasm innovation

 Research on island, coastal and mangrove plants

Research on rare and endangered plants, endemic plants and rare plants

Research on the biology of invasive plants and their control techniques

Functional substances of plants and their effective utilization

Gesneriaceae plants and their sustainable utilization, etc.

◆ Research on global change and ecological environment

◆ Research on Biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilization


5. Regular Columns

 Systematic and Evolutionary Botany

 Plant Ecology

 Plant Physiology


 Plant Resources

 Plant Cells

 Plant Genetics

 Plant Development and Reproduction

 Phytochemistry and Chemical Biology

 Plant Protection

 Plant Nutrition

 Plant Pathology


 Biodiversity Conservation

 Molecular Biology



6. Manuscript Publication Cycle

The journal is a monthly publication, and the average period from submission to publication of articles is about 120-150 days (about 4-5 months). After manuscript is accepted and finalized, it will take about 10 days to publish as “Online First” on the journal website.


7. Indexing & Abstracting

Guihaia has been indexed in many international literature databases & journal directories, including:

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

 Abstract Journal (AJ), VINITI

 SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts, CA)


 Ulrichsweb (Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, UPD)

 Colby Information Center of Science and Culture (CICSC)

 CABI: CAB Abstracts

 CABI: Global Health

 Index Kewensis

 Database of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

 ICI Journals Master List 


8. Other Information

Governing Body: Guangxi Academy of Sciences

Sponsor: Guangxi Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Guangxi Society of Botany

Editing: Editorial Office of Guihaia

Publishing & Distributing: China Science Publishing & Media Ltd.

Honorary Editor-in-Chief: MA Keping

Editor-in-Chief: LI Xiankun

Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chief & Director of Editorial Office: JIANG Qiaoyuan